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There’s more too are then just paper and paint, or canvas and oils as you would say. I want to talk about computer art or graphic design. Thanks to Intel we can learn a little bit more about this. Everywhere you look Around You There is art. Thank goodness for the art community right .Well It might be surprising to some that art is everywhere you look, but the facts are the facts and are truly is everywhere you look. It’s funny to me that the first thing they wanted to take out of school when the budgets needed cut was art. Why would I say that it’s funny to me? I think it’s quite amusing because of the fact that all these huge corporations and businesses use art on a daily basis and don’t even realize it.

Logos is a humongous way of people expressing themselves in the form of Art. Take for instance a company out in Boise Idaho that does carpet cleaning http://boisescarpetcleaners.com. Had it not been for and artists they wouldn’t even have a logo. I’m using them as an example because they will allow me to use them as an example and they do appreciate art. So my question is how do you guys feel about are entering the business world? I think once you read this and realize that art is everywhere in the form of logos you will be pretty enlightened. It’s actually really cool to see something like this in the community that we are involved in. It’s not something new it’s just something you probably never realized before.

So let’s go back and look at some of the street art. do you think these guys would be good at making logos for companies? I really think that if they took some of these skills that they’ve learned on the street and apply them to some of these small business logos it would be insane how nice people the locals would start be coming out there. I’m just saying there is a lot of ways that people should be using their skills and making a great income but just don’t realize it. I just hope that if there’s someone out there that’s struggling that this might help them realize that there’s other ways to make an income with your art. Yes! You can take your car out into the corporate world and make a buck. Is it wrong? I really don’t feel like it is if it’s a way for you to put food on the table and continue to do what you love then you should definitely be doing that.

For many of us in the art community that have been so ingrained on staying out of the corporate world, this statement about making logos for small businesses can seem like a tragedy. I really don’t want it to be that way I hope that you guys can take this and make the most of it. If you don’t feel comfortable doing art for the corporate world you sure don’t have to. But if you need food and you need to be able to put some extra money in your pocket this would be a good way to do it.

Wall Art

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Let’s take this baby off the streets and get on the wall.Have  you ever had the chance to see some wall art in your day? If not it’s pretty cool. What we are talking about is Art you do on a wall like in your bedroom for instance.

So I’m sure by now you’ve watched the video because it is posted above this post. So  here is what you’re going to need to do your wall art.

  • Newspaper
  • Glue
  • Fine tip permanent marker
  • Bold tip permanent marker
  • a felt-tip pen
  • Clear coat paint in a spray can.

As the video shows you’re going to want to take that newspaper crumpled it up. Then you’re going to want to go ahead and cut out of shape that you like. Next take the glue and rub it on the back of the shape that you cut off. Stick the piece of paper in the desired spot that you have designated for your wall art. Go ahead and start feeling around the shape with the fine tip permanent marker. Basically at this point all you’re doing is tracing around it. Once you have the outline go ahead and start  your 3D imaging. How you do this is critical to the wall art. This is the tricky part and the part that makes it mean the most. What you’ll do is begin drawing little squiggly lines away from the wall art. Go with it don’t try to be too particular. Then  beginning with the Bold  permanent marker. Finally  follow up with your felt-tip marker to give it some highlights. If you like your finished product go ahead and spray some clear coat spray paint on your wall art or seal it.

This is a very simple project. Yet  you can have a lot of fun with this and explore your imagination you can probably come up with some cool stuff. The videos more than just a way to get your mind kind of in the right mode get you thinking more or less. I would imagine that you would do the exact same thing is this girl did in the video but I put it here so you could kind of imagine all the different possibilities of what you can do I know you guys are great at Art go for it get out of there make something cool.

Still Thinking About That Street Art?

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I’m still thinking about that street art video I recently posted. I have seen street performers in Waikiki Hawaii before. The guy’s that use the spray pain to do there art is cool. really unique, and also extremely fast.

So I guess I have been looking into it. Long story short I found some cool stuff if anyone is interested.

spray paint art 1

You have probably seen this before. Really it’s not a new thing but really I think it’s kind of a unique different way of expressing your art. I went down to my local car guy and asked him where I could get some paints and what not. He referred me to this site for getting all the spray paints you would need. It’s called ASW. It’s really a cool site with all kinds of paints,and you can even get exact match paints in spray form. Awesome!! So to get started here is what you’ll need

  • Canvas here’s a good source (Art Alternatives Economy Super Value Canvas- 7 Pack- 11X14) you’ll want a few to practice on.
  • Spray paint (get a selection and don’t forget white and black for dramatic effects)
  • paper plates and bowls
  • construction paper
  • newspaper for over spray
  • drywall 6″ and 18′ putty knife
  • Face Mask respirator and gloves (do this in a ventilated area these chemicals can be dangerous)
  • Imagination (Your going to need all of this)

Here’s a cool one.

cool one

That one there took some planning watch the video on my last post to kind of get a reference on how, and where to start when your coming up with your scheme. Most importantly have fun with this project.


Street Artists

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I thought today I would take a step back, and we could look at some “roots” artists. The guy’s and gal’s in the grind so to speak. Being and artist can be hard people can be so critical of what you do with the; oh I would have don this, or I think they should do that. Even worse the down right rude people that just say stuff like that’s horrible crap to your face.

  So on that not try being a street artist. Yeah not fun. I really don’t know how anyone could preform in that kinda environment, yet there are those that do, and do it well. Imagine trying to paint a landscape picture in front of a random crowd like this guy does.

The cool think about this is at first your not so sure it’s going to be anything. Them the wow factor. The guy is a performer as well as an artist. To my point though this guy is reaching a new group of people that might not even have ever though of owning art. Now how many people standing there wanted that? My guy’s a lot. I feel like we can learn from these street performers.

What if you took your art out to the public, and went afraid to show it off? What will happen? Will people hate it? It might be scary, but how are you going to start selling art if your not getting exposed? You have to put you and your art out there if no one see’s it no one buy’s it.

I’m not saying that street art is where you can make a great living, what I am saying is people DO make a living doing it, and some have even taken it from that level to a grand scale. You have to start somewhere. Plus a if you can shut out the negative noise, let in the positive stuff you’ll gain some confidence for the big stage.

Picking your winners.

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We’ve been getting some feed back on how we pick our “winners”. Well let me tell you this for starters. There is no clear “winner” out there. I’m not saying there is not a perfect way to spot a new start up artist that is going to be successful. Let’s take a look at some winners and a few looser’s in general. Google.com ….. winner or looser. Well there is no question there if google is the Picasso of the internet. If you had invented just a few hundred dollars with google when they started you wouldn’t be here trying to figure out how to make money on art. You would be trying to figure out if you should spent 1,000,000 on that Robert Wyland art you like so much. So let’s look at a looser Altivista.com as far a search engines go there gone in fact as i type this google highlights it in read because the big G google doesn’t even recognize it. Now that’s what I call flop.

So what makes the difference between google and alt-vista. One could argue that it was time and chance that is what happened… hum maybe but I don’t bye that. Here is what I truly believe, and I quote “Without vision you can’t see, and without seeing how can one predict that with has yet to be seen”.It’s simple can you see that google had vision vista had dollar signs clouding there future. That’s it that’s what I look for in my artists. Vision. Vision to believe in what there putting out there is making a difference. Making a change… making people wonder. All those artists that are afraid of what people might see in there canvas aren’t worth there weight in paint.

Now with this in mind go out there and find that guy/gal that is an inspiration in there own right. Please don’t just look at there art; you’ll only find a paint on a canvas. Go look at the artist study them. That my friends is how you can pick a winner. Robert Wyland does so much for his community’s, and has grown to be a huge inspiration to so many! That is the kind of person that makes a great artist and I bet you can put your money on them.

Finding New Artist

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Hey guy, how’s it going! I just want to say I am so excited about all the things I got to show you. we’ve been working on quite a few things here to try to make your experience an amazing one. Seriously! This is going to be one of the coolest thing you have ever seen in art. My goal is to show you some of the coolest art out there from some of the most underestimated artist this way you’re getting amazing art before the artist is known adding so much value to your collection that it’s downright unbelievable. I’m talking millions of dollars worth of art for “pennies”. Imagine you could buy art now and in a few years it could be  worth 10 times how much you paid for it now!! Now don’t you think that’s pretty cool? We do. Let me explain what we’er talking about. Has anyone out there heard of Clark Little; no probably not. he is one of the most underestimated artists of our generation. Long past are the days of the old paintings; I mean yeah paintings are cool in fact there awesome; but look at today look at today’s age we don’t paint it takes way too long. Yeah its the imagination of somebody that has been put on a canvas, but seriously people have imaginations now are even greater because of all the technology we have. I mean look what people can create with these videos and with the movie graphics this day in age have gotten out of control absolutely amazing.

So this Clark little guy he doesn’t necessarily paint to show off his art he’s a photographer of sorts I guess that’s what you could call him. Mostly he just takes pictures so yes he’s a photographer, but he’s so much more he has such an amazing imagination. Take a simple picture and make you see something that is almost unimaginable until you’ve seen it. As soon as he post one of these picture he get’s copy catted like no tomorrow. People can’t imagine this stuff he sees and puts together tell they themselves have seen it. He just pulls out so much from his pictures (he takes pictures of waves and ocean life) . You know for those of you who are not interested in in in water or waves or he’s not your guy. This is the guy in the small town art community that is very underestimated it is in fact so underestimated that he’s going to blow up! We believe he is on the tipping point.

I mean you could probably pick up one of these paintings get a big one get a good quality one. I would probably go for canvas or metal art (just because I think that’s where it’s at). That’s why I keep calling it painting because it’s a picture on a canvas. This Is where we believe the money comes in. So ask Clark if you can get your picture signed by him. Also ask to get it numbered. this will force him to only use a certain amount of his pictures the less he does the better it is for you. So that’s really all there is to making the big bucks with art. Find the right person that’s WAY undervalued and place your bets by investing in him/her. Ask them to sign and to number and also try to make sure your 1 of 100 or 1 of 1 the least is the most in art. I hope you guys the best in you journeys.

Welcome to Zoran Art!!

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Here we will be discussing a different kind of art stay tuned!

Welcome all!!

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