Street Artists

Jan - 29 2016

I thought today I would take a step back, and we could look at some “roots” artists. The guy’s and gal’s in the grind so to speak. Being and artist can be hard people can be so critical of what you do with the; oh I would have don this, or I think they should […]

Picking your winners.

Jan - 26 2016

We’ve been getting some feed back on how we pick our “winners”. Well let me tell you this for starters. There is no clear “winner” out there. I’m not saying there is not a perfect way to spot a new start up artist that is going to be successful. Let’s take a look at some […]

Finding New Artist

Jan - 23 2016

Hey guy, how’s it going! I just want to say I am so excited about all the things I got to show you. we’ve been working on quite a few things here to try to make your experience an amazing one. Seriously! This is going to be one of the coolest thing you have ever […]

Welcome to Zoran Art!!

Jan - 07 2016

Here we will be discussing a different kind of art stay tuned!

Welcome all!!

Jan - 07 2016

Welcome to our new site come back soon!!