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Jan - 23 2016 | By

Hey guy, how’s it going! I just want to say I am so excited about all the things I got to show you. we’ve been working on quite a few things here to try to make your experience an amazing one. Seriously! This is going to be one of the coolest thing you have ever seen in art. My goal is to show you some of the coolest art out there from some of the most underestimated artist this way you’re getting amazing art before the artist is known adding so much value to your collection that it’s downright unbelievable. I’m talking millions of dollars worth of art for “pennies”. Imagine you could buy art now and in a few years it could be  worth 10 times how much you paid for it now!! Now don’t you think that’s pretty cool? We do. Let me explain what we’er talking about. Has anyone out there heard of Clark Little; no probably not. he is one of the most underestimated artists of our generation. Long past are the days of the old paintings; I mean yeah paintings are cool in fact there awesome; but look at today look at today’s age we don’t paint it takes way too long. Yeah its the imagination of somebody that has been put on a canvas, but seriously people have imaginations now are even greater because of all the technology we have. I mean look what people can create with these videos and with the movie graphics this day in age have gotten out of control absolutely amazing.

So this Clark little guy he doesn’t necessarily paint to show off his art he’s a photographer of sorts I guess that’s what you could call him. Mostly he just takes pictures so yes he’s a photographer, but he’s so much more he has such an amazing imagination. Take a simple picture and make you see something that is almost unimaginable until you’ve seen it. As soon as he post one of these picture he get’s copy catted like no tomorrow. People can’t imagine this stuff he sees and puts together tell they themselves have seen it. He just pulls out so much from his pictures (he takes pictures of waves and ocean life) . You know for those of you who are not interested in in in water or waves or he’s not your guy. This is the guy in the small town art community that is very underestimated it is in fact so underestimated that he’s going to blow up! We believe he is on the tipping point.

I mean you could probably pick up one of these paintings get a big one get a good quality one. I would probably go for canvas or metal art (just because I think that’s where it’s at). That’s why I keep calling it painting because it’s a picture on a canvas. This Is where we believe the money comes in. So ask Clark if you can get your picture signed by him. Also ask to get it numbered. this will force him to only use a certain amount of his pictures the less he does the better it is for you. So that’s really all there is to making the big bucks with art. Find the right person that’s WAY undervalued and place your bets by investing in him/her. Ask them to sign and to number and also try to make sure your 1 of 100 or 1 of 1 the least is the most in art. I hope you guys the best in you journeys.

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