Picking your winners.

Jan - 26 2016 | By

We’ve been getting some feed back on how we pick our “winners”. Well let me tell you this for starters. There is no clear “winner” out there. I’m not saying there is not a perfect way to spot a new start up artist that is going to be successful. Let’s take a look at some winners and a few looser’s in general. Google.com ….. winner or looser. Well there is no question there if google is the Picasso of the internet. If you had invented just a few hundred dollars with google when they started you wouldn’t be here trying to figure out how to make money on art. You would be trying to figure out if you should spent 1,000,000 on that Robert Wyland art you like so much. So let’s look at a looser Altivista.com as far a search engines go there gone in fact as i type this google highlights it in read because the big G google doesn’t even recognize it. Now that’s what I call flop.

So what makes the difference between google and alt-vista. One could argue that it was time and chance that is what happened… hum maybe but I don’t bye that. Here is what I truly believe, and I quote “Without vision you can’t see, and without seeing how can one predict that with has yet to be seen”.It’s simple can you see that google had vision vista had dollar signs clouding there future. That’s it that’s what I look for in my artists. Vision. Vision to believe in what there putting out there is making a difference. Making a change… making people wonder. All those artists that are afraid of what people might see in there canvas aren’t worth there weight in paint.

Now with this in mind go out there and find that guy/gal that is an inspiration in there own right. Please don’t just look at there art; you’ll only find a paint on a canvas. Go look at the artist study them. That my friends is how you can pick a winner. Robert Wyland does so much for his community’s, and has grown to be a huge inspiration to so many! That is the kind of person that makes a great artist and I bet you can put your money on them.

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