Still Thinking About That Street Art?

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I’m still thinking about that street art video I recently posted. I have seen street performers in Waikiki Hawaii before. The guy’s that use the spray pain to do there art is cool. really unique, and also extremely fast.

So I guess I have been looking into it. Long story short I found some cool stuff if anyone is interested.

spray paint art 1

You have probably seen this before. Really it’s not a new thing but really I think it’s kind of a unique different way of expressing your art. I went down to my local car guy and asked him where I could get some paints and what not. He referred me to this site for getting all the spray paints you would need. It’s called ASW. It’s really a cool site with all kinds of paints,and you can even get exact match paints in spray form. Awesome!! So to get started here is what you’ll need

  • Canvas here’s a good source (Art Alternatives Economy Super Value Canvas- 7 Pack- 11X14) you’ll want a few to practice on.
  • Spray paint (get a selection and don’t forget white and black for dramatic effects)
  • paper plates and bowls
  • construction paper
  • newspaper for over spray
  • drywall 6″ and 18′ putty knife
  • Face Mask respirator and gloves (do this in a ventilated area these chemicals can be dangerous)
  • Imagination (Your going to need all of this)

Here’s a cool one.

cool one

That one there took some planning watch the video on my last post to kind of get a reference on how, and where to start when your coming up with your scheme. Most importantly have fun with this project.

I personally got a kick out of this. Really who knows that value of this art I think it’s another untouched area in art that needs to be exposed. In a hundred years from now when harsh chemicals are illegal this stuff might end up like the Mona Lisa. Can you imagine that (LOL) people lining up to look at something you made in your driveway with some paint cans, and paper plates. But hey that’s the beauty of art you never know what might happen and how it will hit your audience.

Best Driveway art

So who is your favorite street artist. Me I gotta go with the guy on Waikiki he got me into it so i’m loyal to him I even bought some from him. Still isn’t worth much. Maybe one day. I encourage anyone to try this. It might not be your thing, yet if you don’t try you don’t know. have fun try not to get high!!

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