Street Artists

Jan - 29 2016 | By

I thought today I would take a step back, and we could look at some “roots” artists. The guy’s and gal’s in the grind so to speak. Being and artist can be hard people can be so critical of what you do with the; oh I would have don this, or I think they should do that. Even worse the down right rude people that just say stuff like that’s horrible crap to your face.

  So on that not try being a street artist. Yeah not fun. I really don’t know how anyone could preform in that kinda environment, yet there are those that do, and do it well. Imagine trying to paint a landscape picture in front of a random crowd like this guy does.

The cool think about this is at first your not so sure it’s going to be anything. Them the wow factor. The guy is a performer as well as an artist. To my point though this guy is reaching a new group of people that might not even have ever though of owning art. Now how many people standing there wanted that? My guy’s a lot. I feel like we can learn from these street performers.

What if you took your art out to the public, and went afraid to show it off? What will happen? Will people hate it? It might be scary, but how are you going to start selling art if your not getting exposed? You have to put you and your art out there if no one see’s it no one buy’s it.

I’m not saying that street art is where you can make a great living, what I am saying is people DO make a living doing it, and some have even taken it from that level to a grand scale. You have to start somewhere. Plus a if you can shut out the negative noise, let in the positive stuff you’ll gain some confidence for the big stage.

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